Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am too nervous....

World CUP in handball started today and our first game is tomorrow. When I say "our" I mean Iceland's. I am a proud foreigner in this country but when we play handball or any other foreigner has something nasty to say about this island, my internal Viking gets turned on and those horns will meet you were it hurts. Consequently, instead of studying I am watching old you-tube recordings of games from 2008.

Handball is the only sport we are actually good at, well that and Icelandic GLIMA, and let's face it...the guys look ridiculous in those tight pants that go over the shoulders and things get grabbed that God intended to be treated nicely. Besides, those Japanese pamper babies really have the edge when it comes to ridiculous sports in inappropriate clothing.

So you can feel the buzz on this little ice-cube these days and tomorrow is gonna be crazy. It is the time when fast food chains make a real profit, 'cause nobody has the nerves to cook, luckily so...'cause I am betting my lush hamburger tomorrow that our fire departments will be glued to the television as well and draw charcoal outlines of our defense set ups.

Here is to OUR team, may it succeed and give its nation a bit of a lift:)


  1. That was a very funny post. Good luck, Island.

  2. and we did.....showed them Hungarians, we did :)
    32:26, me thinks.
    next game tomorrow!