Saturday, August 14, 2010

How about a new start...

I would like one every day, just to be on the safe side. Or how about whenever I do something stupid I immediately regret right after. Well, given the rate I am going, I would have to be re-born at least twice every day....and let's face it who would like to surrogate such an idea?!

I wonder why we make mistakes and why we even make them when we know they are stupid, even in bloody foresight. What drives us to commit to a moment and push past and future to the sidelines despite their heavy objections? Because living in the moment is thrilling, it makes you alive right here and right now and whatever door of doom you just opened at least you walked into it intentionally. Fate is such a common company and why should she always get to choose? It is your life, make it count and have it on your terms. Even if that means waking up with a hangover of doubts!


  1. Something I have always appreciated about you is the way you see fate looking at you and immediately want to fight.

    This week, our bible study should be Genesis, chapter 32, verses 24-32 in which God sends angels to command Esau and Jacob. Esau follows the commands, but Jacob wrestles the angel and receives his blessing.

    I do not, however, think you should change your name to Israela.

    By the way, I really admire this sentence: "Fate is such a common company and why should she always get to choose?" Very poetic and very you.

  2. And, because some people have needs to be met.

    A butterfly tied with a string
    Stays an insect, but not the same thing
    One caught in a net
    Is less butterfly yet
    But the chrysalis cage makes her sing.

  3. I am glad you are back big guy!
    my words like to play with yours! Call it a crystalized epic, if you will!

  4. I have awakened with a hangover of doubts many times. And each time I find myself wondering the same wonderings - which never find answers. Excellent post little kumquat.

  5. Hi terry, greta to see you about!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the way you ended this. Be damned the consequences!

  7. Statistics analysis starts
    With stochastic assemblies of parts
    But testing the rare
    For percentage, not flair
    Well, you may as well start throwing darts.

    By which I mean, more please. (As time allows, of course)

  8. Speaking of bloody-mindedness- rabbit rabbit.