Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My summary of chapter 18....

School sure is being a bitch at the moment, but I do not seem to mind too much. A couple of minutes ago dad came into my room and saw me drawing and said "So, that's what they call studying these days?!" Upon coming closer he said: "What the heck is that?!" Well, my human physiology impaired friends, these are the locations of the different partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the circulation...or my summary of chapter 18, if you will.
To seize any moment, I used dad's perplexity to ask him if he would bring me some tea. He did, a puzzled look still on his face :)
Ok, with the next post we will return to our weekly "Guess the person- trivia!" What are the odds of it being study-related? You do the math!


  1. On the hardest day of all your schoolie
    It's tough to remember the rulies
    So, under the pressure
    I remember my leisure
    And leave hydrodynamics to partial foolies.

  2. LOL....how long have you been waiting to leave a foolish limerick for me?!

  3. How long has it been since the last trivia post? But acutely since you started blogging again.

  4. She was to be the first schoolteacher in space until the space shuttle blowed up.

  5. I see you too have been spammed... :(

    I like your drawing - are you going to color it in with crayons?

    I saw a ding dong yesterday and thought of you :)

  6. Through the fame of her odes, both her name and that of her home island are the roots of adjectives referring to female homosexuality.

  7. Wow, I had no idea the PP(CO2) was so high within blood. Surprising.

    That said, no, you're the student so you have to "do the math". ;)

  8. It's too early in the morning for math or science, but I like the drawing.

    Come Get Your Sunshine

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