Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a New Era...(for like the third time!)

I have returned to blogging, partly because facebook allows little for fully-formed sentences and most importantly: orion is safely located 2/3 rd of its length from the sun...perfect for new beginnings. Oh, it DOES matter!

What have I for you today?
Two newly-aquired ability to scan old photos and my first stance of individuality!
I'd say that is rather good for a Wednesday morning...

Please be so kind as to control your eye-muscles to the picture on the left. You will see young Monika and her brother in kindergarden. I remember this picture-taking vividly, even the name of the teacher to my left...Frau Ulrich!

Every one of us children was going to run down the slide and a picture was taken. I distinctly remember thinking that I didn't want my picture to look like all the other pictures and most certainly nothing like the picture my brother would take. You see, back in those days....having your picture taken was a big deal.

There I was; I decided to cling my arms behind the steal bars to give it that little extra and slide gracefully down...or so I thought...geometry and physics not being taught in kindergarden, my arms got caught behind the steel bars and once I finally got down-with the help of Frau Ulrich- it hurt!

Moral of the story: being different takes a lot...mostly it can hurt and most often you make a fool of yourself. A little sailor suit certainly does not improve the matter! However, if you have very good luck, you might be able to use it later in life as a cute anecdote about yourself that will make some people smile and some might even nod knowingly.

This goes out to all of you who remember wanting to be different. And if you still posess that daring quality... leave some fully-formed sentences is my dare-devil comment section!

Welcome back, you all!


  1. You look like Tiny Tim in the picture and I suppose not every handicap involves the knees. Very cute start although you look nothing like Tiny Tim now.

    Now, please explain why your younger brother has a moustache. Was this picture taken in 2002?

  2. LOl....nope it was taken way back. It must have been February, since that is when we used to dress what my ingenious brother decided to go is beyond me :)

  3. Not to press my luck, but its Thursday.

  4. Your face is quite recognizable - and I disagree with Doug - no resemblance to Tiny Tim detected. Most adorable child who still demands the center stage.

  5. Welcome back!!!! !! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Wanting to be different?" I've never felt the same.