Monday, January 5, 2009

One of my resolutions (for there are several!) is to...

do something really good for someone else. And since I am rather fond of my kidneys, I thought: "Hey let's look into being an egg donor."

I changed my mind. This is what I found on one page: (feel free to be astounded with me!)


Preferred Donor will meet the following criteria:

*Height 5’7 or Taller


*Very Attractive

*18-28 years old

*Proven Intelligence

*Athletic Ability Preferred

*No Genetic Medical Issues

Proven intelligence? Very attractive? Let's see a bit closer what exactly they mean, shall we? Oh it goes on, believe you me!

Height 5’7 or Taller

Our family is tall and therefore hopes to find a tall donor however, you will not automatically be eliminated from the search if you are not 5'7 or taller. You may apply at any height however, if you are shorter than 5'7 it helps if you have immediate family members who are tall.


Our current search is for an individual who has a heritage that is Caucasian however please check back in the future if you have a different heritage.

Very Attractive

Modeling experience is a plus but is not required.

18-28 years old

We are unable to accept applications from potential donors who are younger than 18. While many donor programs accept applicants who are over age 30, we are fairly firm on our age limit. If you are 30 years old, you may still apply, but no applicants over age 31 will be accepted. Our network of doctors have set this criterion and we are unable to make exceptions.

Proven Intelligence

While we are looking for a donor who has graduated from a top 100 four year college, we realize that not all women are afforded this opportunity. If you are not college educated but have proven intelligence, please consider filling out our application.

Athletic Ability Preferred

We are currently looking for a donor who has a history of participating in athletics or dance. Playing or performing at a college or professional level is ideal. Please note that a lack of athletic ability will not eliminate you from this search and women who are gifted in other areas are encouraged to apply.

No Genetic Medical Issues

This criterion is absolute. Please contact us if you have any questions about what is considered a genetic medical issue.

I didn't realize that people who cannot have children are so specific about their probable offspring. What are we cloning for? And I almost made it too...proven intelligence? I didn't even get this advert!


  1. whoa, Minka, that is quite the find there.
    Sounds like the opening scene of a sci-fi horror movie, doesn't it?

  2. I know, right?!
    I found it today and send it through the nursing department, we were all equally excluded from even making the cut! Needless to say we are devastated!

  3. I think if they scrap the criteria and just get someone decisive it could really upgrade the family.

    This is the third time I've tried to post this. Apologies if there end up three similar comments.

  4. Well, well, well - I guess they're thinking "you get what you pay for." Only as it regards a human, it's slightly horrifying.

    Happy New Year! So nice to "see" you again. I hope all is well. So will this be the new spot to find you? I'll update my blog (once I dust it off a bit, that is. :() XOX

  5. Doug, I think such perfectionist do deserve children, just so their future brood can teach them a lesson ;)

    G, yes this is where i'll be found henceforth. Glad to see you around!

  6. I'm simply appalled. No one over 31? What are they thinking?

  7. LOLOL!!! This is hilarious! But I'm surprised how they don't want to know about the donors parents, grandparents, whatever relatives. What if they find the perfect creature of God and she is carrying demon genes on her grandmother's side.

    How did it come to you to want to be an egg donor?

  8. Terry, you and me both!

    Ariel, I am studying nursing...we found this side during class while we were googling instead of listening to a lecture ;) Nurses are weird ;)

  9. i have no respect for these people. there are thousands of children waiting for adoption.

    anyone who insists on using artificial means to produce a shiny new baby is at best...narcissistic, but in my opinion - immoral wastes of space.