Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh yes, it is trivia time!

Most of you know the rules; if you are new, here's the short version:

1. Don't blurt out the answer. Leave a witty remark in the comment section that paraphrases, disguises or hints to your guess. I'll judge if you were right.
2. Don't point fingers at others and laugh. ( a treat reserved for the host of this blog and yellow budgies!)
3. Don't finish the cookies!

let's go...

A man born in London in 1633. He started to write a diary in 1660 and continued writing it until 1669, I guess he had a lot to say. Bad eyesight stopped him to continue. In fact, his diary gives us insights into his time, hello!...things like The Great Plague and the Great Fire of London were causing havoc and he also buried a big cheese we are told, to protect his house from catching fire. I guess he had his reasons, perhaps bad eyesight!

More interestingly, he wrote in letters that looked like a code and was referred to as Shelton's shorthand. He died in 1703, probably not of glaucoma.

Who's the man? Now of to the comment section with you and let the fun begin! HINT away!


  1. A blind diarist should be true
    And share only the real things he knew
    For what is unseen
    Should be honest and clean
    While the pictured provides but a clue.

  2. And hurray for trivia and three-toed sloths! You knew I've been waiting for both.

  3. MAN ALIVE WOMAN.... I've SO missed this feature! BTW, I love the 3 toed sloth and had to inform my Bear that they are certainly NOT related...

    This isn't who I thought it was
    In fact was miles off
    I thought a maker of the Braille
    Or something close thereof

    Instead I had to cheat and search
    With what small clues you shared
    And now with answer well in hand
    I hang my head and blare

    I never found the cheesy part
    Although I found it funny
    So please a favor I request
    Why'd he bury it honey?

  4. That cheese thing stuns me, rats, dogs and beggars sure appreciated it. :)

    What does "schmetterlinka" mean? In the URL of your blog. Funny sounding word with many other words echoing in it.

  5. Doug stuck, huh?! I love it!

    Terry, that was so beautiful and I already know you found the right answer.
    Thank you for your beuatiful contribution. See, the cheese was for teh rats to build a protetive circle around his house, fire can't get through them, becuase of all the plaque fleas. He was smart that man :)

    Ariel, schmetterling is german for butterfly and my nickname on blogs everywhere is MINKA. I put the two together ;) Despite popular opinion, I am really good at math! (when it comes in syllables;)

    The answer:


  6. Samuel Pepys! Of course!

    *looks left then right*