Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend - Trivia

This weekend we are looking for a physicist, born in Poland or Germany depending on your point in time. And to make things more complicated, he spend most of his life in the Netherlands. Despite having an angelic first name, his first invention in 1709 was a compilation of heat and alcohol. He adapted it 5 years later and used mercury instead of alcohol, differently toxic but probably less religiously offensive.

Any ideas? Measure your wisdom in the comment section with a HINT. If your brain is frozen, wait a bit...other hints might come in and warm things up for you...let the games begin!


  1. Billy goats surely get gruffer,
    And a troll's hide can only get rougher.
    But it sure seems contrary
    To the nature so scary
    of trivia to have gotten tougher.

  2. Doug, I thought my last year and another half of university should reflect a progress in my trivia...don't worry:I'll send you the cliff version of my lecture notes :)

  3. OH! I get the hints after the hints!

    While discussing the weather gets trite
    Sometimes it helps to shed light
    On ambient heat
    So as not to repeat
    The heat sweat and hot insight incite.

  4. Uhm....the only part of that science I understood was alcohol. -shrugs-

  5. jenn, you know the mood we are in, I can only say: "Cheers!"

  6. The angel name
    Was a great clue
    It helped me hugely
    Figure who

    Like that guy
    In the lion's den
    Or F and C
    The temps therein

    Doug's right
    The questions
    Are so hard
    What next,
    We'll all turn
    Into Bards.

  7. Hey Minka,
    I'm glad to see you're back to blogging. Now let's see if I can get my act together too. :)

    If I were to follow this man's system I'd say it's 44.6 degrees over here right now. But since I don't, I'll say it's 7, which sounds much colder, but it's all the same in the end. :)

  8. terry, seems like you are far along in the profession-change process :) well done!

    Theresa, indeed it is.

  9. Of course I should knopw things like this but I don´t and I am not ashamed of it. I am rather astounded though that you have a blog going and I don´t know about it. I am quite sorry. Thanks to Doug I know it now and it is ever so interesting. Love Mom.

  10. By the way, how sweet of you having a picture of me on top of your blog:)) Mom

  11. Mommy!!!! *waves frantically* How's England these days? Trying to put Switzerland on terrorist law? Sorry I took that picture while you were being lazy...I couldn't find another shot :)

  12. Mom: waves frantically back: England is noisy during the nights.. so I sleep at day time. Oh, dearest, I do forgive you